Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN, Volume 6 PREORDER

Get your credit cards ready!!

Gundam the ORIGIN part 6 is now available for preorder!!

Keep them coming fans!! Show me the Gundam!!!

Not enough The ORIGIN photos.

Gundam #2 on NY Times Manga Best Seller List!

Well Gundam fans… Looks like only Moon Power could stop your overwhelming support. Lets keep it up and aim to keep this book on the list for at least one more week.

From Vertical and all our staff, we thank you for making this happen!

Gundam Preview at

If you are on the fence about Gundam the ORIGIN check out the short full-color preview we have at

Oh them Gundam fans. Clearly some of the best. I hope they follow through for the rest of the series cause I’d like to see them get some love back by the big boys of the industry.

Huh, so I guess Gundam is a thing. I wonder why no one has taken a chance on it lately?

Oh well more for us and our readers. Am I right?!!