Our April print releases:

  • Knights of Sidonia vol 8
  • Wolfsmund part 4
  • Flowers of Evil volume 9
  • Quick Draw - a novel
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard vol 1 with trading card
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard vol 1 Special Edition Set

We also have the following eBooks set to debut this month:

  • Twin Spica vol 15 of 16
  • Knights of Sidonia vol 1
  • Knights of Sidonia vol 2
  • Quick Draw

Please make “all your purchases belong to Vertical” this month.


Flowers of Evil model sheets and the actors on which they were based in Animestyle Magazine.

Flowers of Evil… Anime art

Flowers of Evil… Anime art

TRSI - Flowers of Evil Bundle: Volumes 1 thru 8 for $56!!

Still haven’t read Flowers of Evil… Well here is your chance to catch up with the whole series at an incredible price.

The RightStuf has all 8 volumes on sale for $56 as part of their St Valentine’s Day sale! (link)

Save $33 on this deal and experience one of the more unique romances in translated manga!