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jh1453 asked:
Hi - I was wondering why all of Amazon's Knights of Sidonia volumes are now restricted to only Kindle devices, as opposed to the Kindle app for iOS or the cloud-based e-reader. Over the last few months, I've bought and read through volume 5, but now I can't continue my collection because I don't own a Kindle.



That’s Amazon’s choice. We would never have them restricted to specific machines. (Actually our novels are on all Kindle platforms and our first eBooks were also, but Amazon changed those policies themselves for whatever reasons).

However, if you have an iPhone or iPad you can purchase the books through the iTunes Bookstore. The books are also available on the Nook.

Now let me get this straight though…Were they on iOS previously and Amazon just recently changed that? If so, I am very sorry about that. We were not aware of this bad move by Amazon. But please if you have time clear that up for me and other readers.

It seems that  Amazon implemented the restrictions at the beginning of the month. I pre-ordered volume 5 on the 23rd of May and had it delivered today (excellent btw), but now I can’t get the others. Obviously this only affects people like me who don’t have a Kindle or android device, but I thought I would let you know.

Here is what the restrictions look like:image

Thanks for the info!

Well, if you happen to have an iOS device, I suggest you purchase your eBooks from Apple’s iTunes Bookstore app. The books are available there and they are actually optimized for those specific devices.

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    It’s fixed:)
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    UPDATE: Vertical has just been informed by Amazon that the issue with Knights of Sidonia and the company’s other manga...
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