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handbag-diary asked:
I don't know if you are the right person to ask but, do you know what ever happened to that "Morning international comic contest?" They haven't updated their blog or twitter page since 2012. I hope it's not cancelled.

As someone who was involved with that to an extent (as one of their translators), the contest is no longer being held.

Knowing many of the judges and many of the people from MORNING personally, it was a tough decision for them but the results that came from the project while improving were not ideal for collecting talents that would be successful in Japan AND work for a unique seinen magazine like MORNING. 

Sadly, globally manga is generally seen from the perspective of shonen and shojo, and mainly titles like Naruto or Rurouni Kenshin. MORNING is a magazine that publishes Peepo Choo, Drops of God, Chi’s Sweet Home, Giant Killing, and St Young Men. MORNING readers want to read titles like that. And MORNING editors want to work on titles like that.

If they received titles that fit their house style, the competition might have gone in a different direction.

(I say that from my outsider perspective, because I was consistently told how the art style they saw in submissions were often of good quality; while the genres represented and writing were just, not always at their level.)