Highlights from the Vertical booth!

Along with much of our backlist we have the following new and advance releases at our little corner in NYCC (booth #2108)! We’ll also be passing out Flowers of Evil postcards. And as usual, buy 4 or more books and get a Vertical tote bag (while supplies last).

Then on Friday at 11:15 we will be hosting our annual State of the Vertical panel. Ed Chavez will go through the Winter and Spring 2014 list before revealing a couple new licenses!!

I think we’ll announce a new josei title and a new novel. Not sure if the shonen license will be ready in time. Stay tuned!

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    OOH!! And we just received very early copies of SICKNESS UNTO DEATH part 2!! So those will be available as well!
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    Can’t wait till I get my hands on those books!
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