New Column?? Letters to the Marketer…

So to prevent this blog from becoming a twitter feed from all the license requests, we will continue to take your questions but answer them all once a week.

I think that should remedy a few things, as I noticed that there is a lot of redundancy with the questions - Hey can you consider this? What about Go Nagai? Why can’t you publish Viz’s books? When is the next Tezuka title coming? How about publishing shonen titles?

As usual, make sure your questions are thoughtful and relevant to Vertical, and our books. And while we cannot ever say if we are publishing something until we get permission from the respective rights holders, we will be frank when we cannot work on something and we’ll let you know why (if we know why). Also here is a little primer to help you with what to request if your questions happen to be license related (we do take general questions too)…


  • Viz Media has first option and first refusal to Shueisha and Shogakukan titles. So unless you happen to be the artist and own the rights to your book, we will not consider it.
  • Due to political issues we have an awkward relationship with Akita Shoten, so their books are out.
  • Titles longer than 12 volumes will not be considered.
  • Titles before 2000 will not be considered.
  • Eromanga and BL will not be considered.
  • Doujin works will only be considered if we are contacted by the author and the works are not derivatives of existing properties.


  • No serialized novels. One-shots only.
  • Keep one-shots to less than 400pgs
  • No literary fiction

We will answer the questions every week on either Friday or Saturday (depends on whether I’ll be at a con or not that week).

And if you have fan art or other items/comments you would like to send to us feel free to drop us a line. I’d like to make this a dialogue with you all. Let’s make this an experience we can all participate in and enjoy.

Looking forward to your Q’s!


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