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handbag-diary said: Is there still gonna be a licensing survey sometime soon?


ichigo069 said: Why do you guys still "flop" manga?

None of our current titles outside of Chi’s Sweet Home is flipped.

Please note Furuya’s No Longer Human is originally left to right. And only some of our Tezuka titles are flipped. So basically under normal circumstances all our manga is in it’s original format. Even Chi is flipped per the request of the author as all international versions outside of Asia are flipped.

non8 said: Please, I want to see how you designed the cover of Witchcraft Works volume 1 for the October release. Could you share it soon? :)

Here goes…

As is the case with most of our covers it is the same image as the Japanese edition. However this time we used the font that Mizunagi uses inside the book and on versions of the Japanese/English promotional materials.