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Sep 21


Sep 19

“Dear Vertical…” —

I don’t often share our email with the public, but sometimes we do get good news from you all.
This letter in particular made my heart grow two sizes.
I wasn’t sure where to send this, but I’m a comic book retailer from Sacramento, California, and I just wanted to thank you for choosing really great and thought provoking manga to publish!

Just a couple years ago we were about to abandon our manga section because we couldn’t compete with big name book stores, but it was thanks to the books you guys put out that we’re now able to have a full stock of manga again!
It makes us happy when a customer picks up one of your books because we know it’s not just a regular anime-to-manga storyline, it’s something that’ll reach them on a different level.

Thanks for the great product!

-World’s Best Comics
Sacramento California

mignonlaura said: Hello again! I would like to suggest a new genre for Vertical to look into and perhaps pursue: Historical Fiction. The light novel series "Gosick" (and its upcoming sequel "Gosick Red") is one that I would love to read. I realise that there are several light novels in this series, but it is a wonderful story that I think deserves an English translation. Thank you always, Laura

Thanks for the suggestion. We will have a light novel survey up soon, I recommend saving these ideas for that once it goes live.

mignonlaura said: Hello! I'd just like to ask whether or not Vertical can or will consider translating "Shiki" and/or "Twelve Kingdoms" by Fuyumi Ono. I know that the first few "Twelve Kingdoms" novels were translated by Tokyo Pop, but no one has translated the "Shiki" novels or manga yet and I think Tokyo Pop has since lost their licensing rights for "Twelve Kingdoms". Thank you, Laura

Hmm honestly we generally do not discuss titles that we do not have licensed, but I can say I haven’t heard any discussions about SHIKI in our office.

Twelve Kingdoms is another story. And a complicated one.

You are right Tokyopop did publish part of that. So this would be license rescue which some of us here are not entirely in to. However what makes this even more complicated is that the author has done something a little unusual in Japan… Mid series she switched publishers.

Working with different publishers is never uncommon for prose authors. But doing so mid-run and continuing the series with a new pub (instead of starting new or re-branding the series) is a little different. While not impossible to overcome, these issues often create rifts between publishers and problems for potential licenees as access to materials or editions might be hard to come by. Also her old publisher for this title is our parent company… So that’s another tricky situation.

It’d be very cool to see Twelve Kingdoms in English again. And while we work quite often with her current publisher, Shinchosha, I wonder if the novels department here is prioritizing rescues or complicated contracts right now.


Sep 17

blucub said: How have the sales for Gundam: the Origin been doing? Do y'all have any plans to release Gundam: The Origin - Amuro 0082? I believe it is only two chapters long but it would be a great add on bonus to the final volume of the Origin or even as a preorder only bonus.

It has been doing well. But preorders have dropped by a lot recently.

And the story you mentioned I believe is already in volume 12.

millysoliloquy said: I didn't see the licensing survey until it was too late, but has Vertical ever considered looking into The Rose of Versailles or any other of Riyoko Ikeda's work? Please and thank you for a reply :)



We have on our own, but we were not taking submissions for titles from before 2005.

We only pick up classical works on our own terms as they are high cost, high risk, low sales projects.

Biggest issue outside of poor sales is the lack of or poor quality of source materials. Japan has not been known for keeping their source materials up to date and safe.

This makes me sad. Vertical’s super high quality translations of classic manga is kind of the standard I have set pretty much all my manga too. I discovered a lot of really excellent books through Vertical’s line. I’m sure that when they decide to bring us something old it will be totally worth it.

Well PINK and next year’s Dream Fossil are from the 80’s, so make sure to check those out.