The Diagonal

Jul 23





I want Knights of Sidonia’s next season NOW

You can read it now. We have published through volume 10, in print and eBook editions.


I’m so fucking hooked to knights of sidonia!!!

Cool! Have you read our editions of the manga?

Jul 22

traparcyclone said: I know there was a post made about a year ago asking for 4500 likes/reblogs to try and possible get the novel "From the New World" licensed. I've been trying to find said post to see what the final numbers were, in hopes that the novel would indeed get translated, but it seems like the post has been deleted. Did it get the required number of notes? As a fan of manga, light novels, and foreign science fiction novels, I want to thank you guys for all you do!

Nope. It fell way way short.

Thanks for the support though. We have many other translated novels for you to read, though. We just released a new one this week - Death & the Flower.

Jul 21

Apple's new MacBook Air TV ad... Now with more Vertical -

Guess which Vertical title makes a cameo in the latest MacBook Air ad.